Guild Wars 2 Crafting

Crafting in Guild Wars 2 is defined as the process of turning different component items, such as crafting materials into equipment and consumables.

There are eight different crafting disciplines in Guild Wars 2. You can choose from:

- Armorsmith – makes Heavy Armor
- Artificer – makes Magical Weapons (focus, staves, scepters, tridents)
- Chef – makes food with temporary buffs
- Huntsman – Wooden weapons and fireams (pistols, rifles, bows)
- Jeweler -  makes Jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces9
- Leatherworker – makes Medium Armor
- Tailor – makes Light Armor
- Weaponsmith – Metal Weapons (swords, spears, hammers, daggers, axes)

The neat new thing in GW2 is that you can learn all the 8 different crafting disciplines on one character. The catch here is that you can have only 2 crafting disciplines active at one time. You can switch your crafting disciplines at any time for a fee which changes according to your crafting level. The fee goes from 10 copper at an early level, to 40 silver for a level 400 maxed discipline.

This does not mean that you unlearn the crafting discipline it just means that you can’t use it. You will also maintain all the recipes you have learned on all of your crafting skills.

Each crafting discipline has a max level of 400. Every 25 skill points you will learn new recipes. You will learn them automatically so you don’t need to visit your crafting trainer constantly as often happens in other MMO’s.

Crafting in Guild Wars 2 is a fun and productive way of passing time and a great alternative for making additional gold.