Guild Wars 2 Crafting Taken To 500!

Later this year Guild Wars 2 crafting will receive an upgrade and the new limit will be 500 points!

gw2 new crafting materials

This will allow you to get all Gw2 crafting professions Armorsmith, Artificer, Chef, Huntsman, Jeweler, Leatherworker,Tailor and Weaponsmith to level 500. When you reach 500 points you will be able to make a new tier of crafting materials. These new crafting materials will be made by combining lower tier materials. You will be able to make each of these new tier crafting materials once per day.

These new crafting materials will be used to craft account-bound ascended armour and weapons. So we will finally get to craft ascended gear, but it will take some time to make a full set as the required materials will be time-constrained.

Along with ascended gear you will also be able to craft legendary precursors. These will require the lots of the new types of crafting materials along with some other specific items earned in in-game specific activities.

So crafters rejoice as the second half of 2013 is going to be very interesting and rewarding. If you haven’t levelled your crafting up to 400 now is the time as crafting material prices are bound to jump once these new crafting update goes live. Check out all the 1-400 Crafting Guides for more details.