Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide

In Guild Wars 2 there are 8 crafting disciplines. Two of these discipline are categorized as being more advanced. Cooking belongs in this group. This is mainly due to the fact that leveling cooking takes more time, ingredients and there a lots of recipes to be discovered.

To train cooking you first have to go to a master chef that is located in every capital city, but also in some towns in the starting areas. Here is a list of the trainers in all the capital cities:

With the cooking crafting profession you can make different types of food but also dyes. Different types of foods give you different stat buffs, but all food gives you a +10% experience buff.

Dyes are named Unidentified as you don’t know the exact color that will come out. The Unidentified dye only gives you the basic color, such as yellow or brown, the rest is randomly given. To make each dye you will need stacks of 25 or 50 pieces of one ingredient. For normal dyes you will need to combine two different ingredients , for masterwork dyes you will need three.

In this cooking preview video you can seee the mechanics of cooking and the way you discover new recipes:

The main reason that cooking is an advanced crafting discipline is that you need lots of ingredients. Most of them can be collected trough foraging but some you can only get from karma vendors. Some of these vendors also sell exclusive cooking recipes so getting cooking to level 400 will take some time. You can find a list of all the ingredients here.

If you want to power level cooking you will need a lot of gold as the ingredients will be expensive and you will need lots of them to discover all the known recipes.

I would not reccomend choosing cooking as your first crafting discipline but if you do choose it here are a few tips:

1. Always have a harvesting sickle equipped and gather everything you can find.

2. After finishing renowned heart events always check the vendor to see if he sells some cooking ingredients or recipes.

3. Find the locations of herb farms (there is one in each map) and visit them once a day.

4. If you are in a helpful guild ask your guildmates to send you cooking ingredients and in exchange send them food.

Cooking is one of the most fun crafting disciplines to level in Guild Wars 2 and you can sell food and dyes to make a profit. If you will level cooking be sure to try all the foods you’ve made and always have the buffs on when leveling.