GW2 Jewel Crafting Leveling Guide 1 – 400 NEW!

This Guild Wars 2 Jeweler Leveling Guide will show you exactly how to level your Huntsman crafting skill from 1 to 400 in the fastest and easiest way.

You will be able to craft rings, earrings and necklaces.

Leveling Jeweler from 1 to 400 will also grant you ten levels of experience.

To level a Jeweler is different from other crafting disciplines. It is easier in a way as you don’t need the fine crafting materials that are always expensive, but you will need to follow the steps to the letter.

gw2 jewel crafting leveling guide

In terms of ore you will need;

250-290 Copper ore

294 Silver ore

294 Gold ore

294 Platinum ore

294 Mithril ore(to reach 375) + 70-200 Mithril ore (to reach 400)

Gems; each tier has 3 different gems, some are lower level and some are higher level. You will need:

2-10 of each Tier 1 Pebbles

4 of each Tier 2 Lump

4 of each Tier 3 Nugget

4 of each Tier 4 Shard

4 of each Tier 5 Crystal

All of the experience will come trough discovery(excluding the ingots ofc). You will NEVER make the same item twice.

IMPORTANT for each Tier you will do exactly this in the following order,

1. Make 147 of the Tier’s ingots.

2. Make 28 settings

3. Make 14 hooks

4. Make 7 bands

5. Make 7 chains

6. Go to the discovery panel and crate ONLY 1 of the lower tier gems with a hook and setting

7. Create 7 filigrees

8. Go to the discovery panel and make one ring, one amulet, one earring and one filigree for each gem.

9. Use the green gems to make 7 additional discoveries that will take you to the next tier.

This applies for all the tiers except the first and last Tier. Leveling from 1 to 50 varies so don’t give up and just get to 50. Then to 375 is a breeze. At 375 you will buy 1-3 recipes from the Jewel Master and this part might be a little long and expensive. These recipes require 5 Tier 5 gems, 1 globe of Ectoplasm and 1 Mithril filigree.